Relaunch and Introduction

I'm a mom.  I'm an artist.  I'm a geek.  I am obsessive about designing cool food for my kids.

I have illustrated children's books and designed a line of organic children's clothes that highlight food as an adventure for kids.  But the real adventure has been having two of my own kids.  Now with a 4.5 year old in pre-K and an 18 month old in nursery school, I have to find interesting places to interject my creativity just to keep my sanity.  Let's face it: making school lunches is a chore!  Day in and day out,  how many snacks do parents dole out every day?  Breakfast?  Dinner?  AGH!

For the past couple of years I have been playing with food while I play with my kids, and my more traditional art has taken a back burner (yeah, pun intended).  I have been sharing photos of my creations as casual facebook posts and been delighted at how well received they have been.  I've also been "egg"ed on to make this a more public pursuit, so here is the beginning...

I'm relaunching WonderToast as a more inclusive brand, not just of the characters in my books, but of a fun family philosophy.  I want my children to draw inspiration and joy from the world around them, to find a thrill in learning with an open mind.  So I lead by example.  We have fun.  We are silly.  We live in a fantasy world where snacks become space ships and breakfasts become friends.  Art and food are a daily necessity in our house, and what better fun than to marry the two ideas!

I am excited to make Batman sandwiches and Star Wars snacks.  The kids are excited to eat them.  I make fun food inspired by the interests of my two boys (which often are heavily influenced by what their parents love too!).

Please join our adventure.  Learn about new foods, healthy foods, fun and fast foods, but mostly really cute and beautiful foods.  Some call them American Bento, some think I'm nuts, but I bet you'll find these projects are easier than you thought.

I'll post old lunches and meals that I've photographed over the past few years (please excuse the poor quality! I wasn't planning on "publishing" them!) and start on some new photos and videos.  I'd love to hear your feedback and questions!  My ultimate goal is to get enough audience participation to take requests to make lunches of *your* favorite subjects.  I'll walk you through step-by-step to show YOU how to do it too!

I'm a mom.  I'm an artist.  I'm a geek.  I am obsessive about designing cool food for kids.  Here we go!

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