Oct 26th: Pretzel Day!

Oct 26th is Pretzel Day! WonderToast learned about the letter P by talking about Pretzels.  He would love for you to learn more about it too in his ABC coloring book!


Oct 17th: National Pasta Day!

In America, Oct 17th is National Pasta Day! WonderToast learned about the letter R by talking about Ravioli. He would love for you to learn more about it too in his ABC coloring book!


Oct 13th: National Yorkshire Pudding Day!

In America, Oct 13th is National Yorkshire Pudding Day!  WonderToast learned about the letter Y by talking about Yorkshire Pudding.  He would love for you to learn more about it too in his ABC coloring book!  


New Food Idea Contest!

I'm running a contest through September on twitter 

Tweet idea for exotic food to use in my next kid's book & if I use your food, you'll WIN THE ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATION!   

This is for "WonderToast Wonders About: Numbers!" so the easier to illustrate the food in large numbers, the better!  Remember we're looking for exotic and interesting food that has not yet been used in WonderToast's first book "WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet!"

And for that great prize...original means the one-of-a-kind pencil sketch done for the book!

(remember to hashtag #wtWIN)


Feminist Review

Check out this nice review of WonderToast by Erica Mikkalo on Feminist Review!

Love this quote: "And who could resist chatty ebi? " haha



WT makes Purple, Pink & Orange's SIX QUICK PICKS

"G is for Guacamole" just made Purple Pink & Orange's SIX QUICK PICKS for little ones! Yeay!



Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy - WonderToast Review

Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy Blog just wrote up a great review of WonderToast.  Check out the cute pictures of Dexter in "D is for DimSum"!  

The onesie that Dexter received is the "D is for Dim Sum" which I also call "D is for Dexter". I have washed the shirt at least a dozen times and it has not faded once! It is so soft and it doesn't pill either. It is definitely a quality shirt. I love how bright the colors are and I appreciate that the shirts are dyed using low-impact, azo-free dyes.       See the whole review here


WonderToast Fan Photo Contest Winner!

WonderToast's First Ever Fan Photo Contest just ended and we've got a great new winner to announce!  

Sam looks great in his "G is for Guacamole" organic onesie, and he'll look great in the FREE onesie his Mom just won for submitting this fantastic photo!

We pick a winner every 3 months (just in time for your little model to need the next size up, right?!)  If you win, you get a FREE onesie (your choice of design and size!)  So become a Facebook fan of WonderToast (or just email us), submit your photo or video featuring our products, and you could win a FREE onesie (your choice of design and size!)

(By submitting photo(s) and information, you represent and agree that: (a) you are the parent or legal guardian of the child with authority to submit the photo, provide the information and comment, and agree to these terms, and (b) you grant WonderToast full rights to reproduce and publish the photograph, with or without the accompanying information and comment, and otherwise use any or all of them in marketing and advertising materials.  The grant of rights is effective everywhere, for an unlimited number of times, applicable to all media and means of use, without any obligation for payment, to us and to entities acting with our consent.  Please include contact information with your submission so that we may notify you if the photo you submit has been selected as a winner.)  


"Snazzy Summer" Feature

A blog feature from Casey at A Couch With a View - check out the great review!


WonderToast Press

Just got a sweet little mention by the nicest writer - Melissa Taylor - on examiner.com

"Organic onsies featuring world foods from Wonder Toast will make you "ooh" and "aaah."  

Taylor also writes a great blog called Mile High Mamas


Gastronomy on the Cote d'Azur

Since WonderToast is all about culinary adventures, I thought I would post my most memorable food experiences on a recent trip to the south of France.  I don't speak French, so some of our meals were unexpected and delicious, and some I simply don't know the proper names for.  I would recommend trying all of it:

Socca is a tasty street food in Nice (a fried chick pea pancake)
Beignets de Fleur de Courgette (fried zucchini flower)
Stuffed Fleur de Courgette (zucchini flower stuffed with a mix of meat, spices & herbs)
Pan-bagnat (Salade Nicoise Sandwich, meaning lettuce, tomato, tuna, egg, and anchovies in a baguette)
Bagna Caude (garlic and anchovy fondue to dip crisp local veggies in) 
Bouillabaisse (seafood stew served with bread w/ rouille) at Tetou in Golfe Juan
Mixed Platter of Seafood at Cafe du Turin in Nice:
my highlight was the sea snails (to be pulled from their mini-shells with a toothpick...just like I remember from Sicily as a kid)
Gastronomic Dinner at Le Vieux Mur in Antibes:
my highlight was the Gnocchi with Truffles (served with the most generous helping of truffles I've ever seen...like "bite into it" sized truffles!  wow!) and the Lobster Cesar Salad
and of course there was the home-made meal that we were delighted to be invited to:
at our friend Christian's parent's house in Nice, we started with porquetta (an aperitif of thinly sliced pig stuffed with other parts of the pig) and fried chickpea "french fries" made from the same stuff as socca, then he made traditional meat stuffed vegetables - simple and tasty (this might be called Farcis, but I'm not sure)

My Drinks (besides wine, of course):
Picon Beire (I guess this is a "girly" beer cocktail with the orangy-flavored bitters called Picon...a drink I had often)
Kir Royale (raspberry syrup and champagne)
Kir vin Blanc (raspberry syrup and wine)
Martini Rouge (not a Martini at all, but what I was told is a "cooked wine", rather spicy)

I'm getting hungry just listing all this again.  France, I promise to visit you again soon!!


WonderToast hits the runway!

Had a great time at the Hopscotch Hustle benefitting WeeCycle here in Denver today...WonderToast was featured on the runway and the kids did beautifully!


Hopscotch Hustle

Come see WonderToast on the runway next Sunday! We'll be a featured baby company at the Hopscotch Hustle - baby/mom fashion show benefiting Denver's very own Weecycle!

Make sure to buy your tickets now!  Not only will you see really fun fashion on the catwalk, but WonderToast will have a table selling our wares at the events Marketplace too.  Come say hi!


Vote for WonderToast!

Please vote for me at Startup Nation's 2009 Leading Moms in Business Competition! You can vote once a day.

Vote For Us in the StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition

Thanks for your support!


WonderToast in Denver News

Yesterday I attended a great press conference, set up by Olivia Omega Logan of Congrats from Colorado & Baby Candy.  Tons of news organizations attended, and we discussed what it meant for the new CPSIA law to go into affect Feb 10th.  We talked about the stay of enforcement, lead testing methods, and our continued efforts for law revision as concerned small businesses AND parents.  Again, Colorado has been on the forefront of activism with this issue.  I am proud to now be a part of this great community, as I view this group as a great beacon of hope, with our shared goals for safety, compliance, and business resiliency.  

WonderToast Organic ABC Onesies are featured in this news story from Channel 4.  You can clearly spot the green "G is for Guacamole", blue "N is for Nigiri", and orange "T is for Tandoori" shirts!
Channel 4 News Spot

Additional news stories featuring fantastic Colorado-based children's companies:

Green Genes Video Spot

Video  1:19 into the video clip is WonderToast's "G is for Guacamole" shirt!


Congrats from Colorado Sample Sale!

This Saturday, WonderToast will be at the Congrats from Colorado Sample Sale!  HUGE discounts at this sale, so don't miss it!  Details below:


WonderToast on Facebook

Become a fan of WonderToast on Facebook!  You can submit fan photos & videos for a chance to win a FREE baby onesie!  


WonderToast Celebrates Chinese New Year!

HUGE SAVINGS this weekend on Dim Sum and more!

WonderToast Organic Baby Onesies are going on sale in celebration of Chinese New Year - 
this weekend, Saturday 1/24 - Monday 1/26,
find savings of 35% to 50% OFF our regular prices!

Ring in the "Year of the Ox" in style with a WonderToast Organic Onesie:
D is for Dim Sum
N is for Nigiri
F is for Falafel
G is for Guacamole
T is for Tandoori
V is for Vegetables

Stock up on baby shower gifts while the savings last!


Lead Test Results are IN!

All WonderToast products - books & clothing line - are officially CPSIA compliant!  Hooray!

This means that every component of all my products have tested 100% LEAD-FREE! Please feel confident in our continued dedication to the health and safety of all children.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - Please help keep WonderToast in business by writing to your Congressman in changing the CPSIA laws. As proved by today's XRF gun test results, my products ARE 100% compliant with the law.  However, in August 2009, the testing requirements under this deeply flawed law become TOO EXPENSIVE for me to stay in business!  Third Party Component testing would simply confirm the zero levels I already got, but through a lab that would charge me an estimated $20,000.00 

Help small businesses like mine to stay afloat and continue to provide families with fun alternatives to the boring discount kids products at Walmart & Target!


CPSIA - Fight for the little guy!

Hopefully everyone knows the current struggle of WonderToast and all small American businesses who manufacture for children (yes, even mom'preneurs!).  If you don't, you may have vaguely heard of a congressional law that limits lead content in kids stuff.  Sound familiar?  Well on the surface, this is a great concept, but the law itself was a gut reaction to the import of children's toy parts from China that contained unhealthy levels of lead.  Then they added pthalate limits too (heard of some chemical in baby bottles being harmful?  yeah, that stuff)  Soooo...this law covers every single product, US-made or imported, that could ever reach the hands of a kid 12 and under.  

This includes all products made by me!  The testing required for compliant certification under this law is restrictively expensive (we're talking somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000 for my current inventory - and this would be an ONGOING cost!).  I can't afford to stay in business past the law's August deadline if nothing changes in the law.  Tomorrow, thanks to a really excellent collective of small Denver-based businesses, I will be doing a round of testing on my current inventory to confirm that my 100% organic kids clothes do not contain any harmful substances.  Sharing the cost for this first round of testing is a god-send!  (please bear in mind that this type of testing is NOT compliant for the August deadline, only the Feb. 10th one!)

I look forward to broadcasting WonderToast products' very safe & legal levels of lead tomorrow afternoon!  In the mean time, please do all that you can to read up on this issue and contact your representative to convince them that changes must be made to make the Third Party Component Testing (Aug deadline requirement) fair & affordable to small business!  
For me and my one-woman show, raw material testing (rather than finished product components) would take the financial burden off of me and still ensure confirmation of compliance.

Some helpful links:

and last but not least, friend of WonderToast: CPSIA Cheerleader.com

Please help save WonderToast!  He has many more global food adventures ahead of him this year - it would be a shame to cancel his travel plans now!


My Mom Shops Blog Giveaway

WonderToast is being featured on a really cool mom shopping blog called My Mom Shops for their 2nd Blogiversary Celebration Giveaway!  

Visit & check out all of their great giveaways this week - maybe you will win the WonderToast package: 3 long sleeve organic ABC baby onesies (D is for Dim Sum, F is for Falafel, and T is for Tandoori) plus an autographed book!  
$100 value