WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet!

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Teaching preschoolers their alphabet, WonderToast takes us from A-Z in a most unusual way! Explore some of the world's great culinary delights, and even find them on the map at the end of the book!
Kids and adults alike will learn something new in this fun new comic book.
Only $4 a copy!

Also don't forget the accompanying Alphabet toddler T's that come in K is for Kimchi, F is for Falafel, and N is for Nigiri!
Only $22 for an excellent gift for your little one!

** Don't forget, I ship internationally! **

Comic Con 2007 Pictures!

So I'm back from SD Comic Con, and it was a blast! This was my first year attending, let alone exhibiting! It was SO much fun, but also really tiring. In that case, I suppose I fit in pretty well with the Tired Girl Collective! They were a blast to work with:

Pictured above are Sherri, Jodi, and me. Karen's not in this picture since she was also working at the Bongo booth...Our table was a huge success, attracting a mostly female audience, being all in pink! It was perfect for us though, since our wares are very cute - a niche thing at this particular event.

Here is my section of stuff - I had my new comic, toddler shirts, my bilingual children's book, and some original paintings (which were almost sold out by the time we took this picture)

Here is me and my friend Aydrea with the illustrious Jaba! You can see the Bun in the Oven maternity shirt I wore too - this and my princess leia maternity shirt were huge hits. In fact, they were so popular, I'll be adding them to my cafe press store shortly.

And lastly this was my favorite costume there - she's the Katamari prince! My other favorite was a Prisoner costume from the 1960s tv show, but I didn't get a picture of him. Well...Be Seein' You!


San Diego Comic Con 2007! Table N-4

Yes, it's that time of the year...Comic Con 2007 is this weekend!!

Please come see me in the Small Press section at Table N-4. I'm sharing with The Tired Girl Collective, a group of talented women with tons of fun stuff to see...

What will I be selling, you ask?
Well...I'm thrilled to debut Issue 1 of WonderToast's preschool comic series:

WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet !!!!

WonderToast teaches the alphabet using some really cool and exotic foods from all over the world. It's targeted towards pre-schoolers, but I GUARANTEE that adults will learn something new too!

I'll be selling the new comic, some AWESOME toddler T's with images from the comic (seriously guys, these are gonna sell out fast), my bilingual children's book, and some original paintings!

Can't wait to see you there!