Poppy Talk

Another really cool online shopping blog has featured me and the WonderToast comics and shirts! Thanks so much Poppy Talk! Everyone should check them out...they recommend some really great stuff, especially as you're looking for holiday gift ideas this season. ^_^

You can see their feature on me HERE


Roadside Scholar

I was just featured on a really cool blog out of Chicago...you should visit here: Roadside Scholar


Holiday Cards on Sale NOW

Yes, it's that time of the year again folks! And WonderToast is introducing a brand new line of Christmas cards for 2007!

Featuring 3 great new food designs for the holidays: Hot Chocolate, Fruitcake, and Christmas Cookies!! On Sale for a limited time only, so buy them now!

9 Card Set includes 3 each of these 3 designs (plus envelopes)
for $14.00

Buy through paypal HERE!


Apartment Therapy: The Nursery

This super cool apartment decor site has a special section for The Nursery...and guess what? They're big fans of WonderToast!

You can see their feature on me HERE

I'm honored that they like my work enough to do a whole piece on it! Thanks Apartment Therapy! Now, go support them, WonderToast masses!


Rare Bird Finds

This last week I was featured on this awesome shopping website called Rare Bird Finds! You should not only check it out because they find some pretty awesome stuff to feature, but because they've helped me sell a ton of WonderToast comics! Thanks Rare Birds...you rock! ^_^



Autumn is here, and you know what that means?


Call for Models!

I am putting a call out for people who bought my Alphabet toddler tees for their little one. Since my boy isn't big enough to model for me yet ^_^ I have a very important request:

I am soon to be featured on a really cool shopping website called
Rare Bird Finds
And I want to give my online presence some adorable pizzaz! The shirts look pretty boring just sitting on the ground.

I would LOVE a picture of your lil' cutie hamming it up for the camera in one of my shirts. I would also really love a pic of a toddler reading and/or coloring in the comic book too!
WonderToast Shopping Link (if you haven't bought one yet!)

You can email me digital files at

I would really REALLY appreciate this! I'm not sure when my feature is coming up on Rare Birds, so I'd like pictures ASAP.
Thanks a bazillion!!


Baby Shower Card Design

This is a design I was working on for my baby shower...


Illustration Friday: Alphabets!

I haven't posted on Illo Friday in AGES! But my alphabet comic is perfect for this topic. WonderToast teaches the ABCs through 26 fun and exotic foods! Here is the Q and R page...I hope you enjoy!
(here's more info about the comic)


Pregnancy Art Blog!

In case you haven't seen the link to your right...I have a new blog up now! It is an art blog following my pregnancy which has been really fun to work on. I'm 22 weeks along and my weekly posts are slowly but surely catching up. Please check it out!


WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet!

My comic is now available for purchase on my website!
Buy me here!

Teaching preschoolers their alphabet, WonderToast takes us from A-Z in a most unusual way! Explore some of the world's great culinary delights, and even find them on the map at the end of the book!
Kids and adults alike will learn something new in this fun new comic book.
Only $4 a copy!

Also don't forget the accompanying Alphabet toddler T's that come in K is for Kimchi, F is for Falafel, and N is for Nigiri!
Only $22 for an excellent gift for your little one!

** Don't forget, I ship internationally! **

Comic Con 2007 Pictures!

So I'm back from SD Comic Con, and it was a blast! This was my first year attending, let alone exhibiting! It was SO much fun, but also really tiring. In that case, I suppose I fit in pretty well with the Tired Girl Collective! They were a blast to work with:

Pictured above are Sherri, Jodi, and me. Karen's not in this picture since she was also working at the Bongo booth...Our table was a huge success, attracting a mostly female audience, being all in pink! It was perfect for us though, since our wares are very cute - a niche thing at this particular event.

Here is my section of stuff - I had my new comic, toddler shirts, my bilingual children's book, and some original paintings (which were almost sold out by the time we took this picture)

Here is me and my friend Aydrea with the illustrious Jaba! You can see the Bun in the Oven maternity shirt I wore too - this and my princess leia maternity shirt were huge hits. In fact, they were so popular, I'll be adding them to my cafe press store shortly.

And lastly this was my favorite costume there - she's the Katamari prince! My other favorite was a Prisoner costume from the 1960s tv show, but I didn't get a picture of him. Well...Be Seein' You!


San Diego Comic Con 2007! Table N-4

Yes, it's that time of the year...Comic Con 2007 is this weekend!!

Please come see me in the Small Press section at Table N-4. I'm sharing with The Tired Girl Collective, a group of talented women with tons of fun stuff to see...

What will I be selling, you ask?
Well...I'm thrilled to debut Issue 1 of WonderToast's preschool comic series:

WonderToast Wonders About: The Alphabet !!!!

WonderToast teaches the alphabet using some really cool and exotic foods from all over the world. It's targeted towards pre-schoolers, but I GUARANTEE that adults will learn something new too!

I'll be selling the new comic, some AWESOME toddler T's with images from the comic (seriously guys, these are gonna sell out fast), my bilingual children's book, and some original paintings!

Can't wait to see you there!


Bunny Bake Sale!

This was a commission for a young lady's 25th birthday (count the cupcakes...there is even one to grow on in the oven!) She is in culinary baking school and loves rabbits. This was a very fun commission to do...can you tell?

My client told me that her favorite color is red, so I became inspired by this 1950s vintage stove...

SOLD: Simon Has Doubts

Since it is now up on the walls at Gallery Nucleus, the opening reception is over, and it sold(!), I can show you my painting:


Wedding Gift Commission

A few months ago I was commissioned to paint this for a wedding gift to this lovely couple. They got married in Connecticut at the New Haven Lighthouse - romantic, no? You can see how the final painting turned out, the framed piece, and one of the many reference photos I had to work with.

This painting is gouche on cold press. I love doing projects like this - the concept is always fun to dream up with the client! ^_^ I hear the couple loved it, which is always satisfying news for the artist!


Power in Numbers

Looking for a good time Saturday, May 19th? Come see my painting at the Power in Numbers show at Gallery Nucleus!

Celebrating the talents of over 150 artists, Gallery Nucleus will be hosting the second annual Power In Numbers show. All work will be priced at $50 or $100. They will again be donating 20% of the profits to charity. This years charity is called Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an organization to help with the fight against breast cancer.

SNEAK PEAK: Here is a small section of my painting called "Simon Has Doubts"

Power in Numbers Details


NOW: Free Stuff on my Website!

Check out my new free wallpapers at wondertoast.com!

Need a handy desktop calendar right where your eyes are always glued? Check out my 2007 Pirate Calendar now in a briny new desktop form!
Need a yummy afternoon snack at work? Download my milk and cookies desktop wallpaper and never go hungry again!

Check back often for more fun free stuff!


SNAP a picture!

I've been bad at keeping up with my blog lately, mostly because I have been very busy with commissioned paintings. Here is one I did on canvas for a client who wanted a photography-themed acrylic painting. It has actually been quite a while since I've worked in acrylic...ever since I discover how much I love gouche! Anyway, how do you think this one turned out?



Extra, Extra, Read All About It! My new website is finally up and running! Officially launching 3/7/07, I have a new look, new portfolio, all coordinated with this blog, my myspace page, cafe press store, and so much more!


Working out my web design blues...

So I'm preparing to get all my new work to you by rolling out a new website and all this fun stuff...the problem is, I'm no good with web design software! Basic html coding I'm good with, but GoLive? Any tips? Anyway, I'm practicing with my parent's restaurant here in Denver (which is, by the way, delish!)...its called Oliveto and this will eventually become a part of their new online look: