Call for Models!

I am putting a call out for people who bought my Alphabet toddler tees for their little one. Since my boy isn't big enough to model for me yet ^_^ I have a very important request:

I am soon to be featured on a really cool shopping website called
Rare Bird Finds
And I want to give my online presence some adorable pizzaz! The shirts look pretty boring just sitting on the ground.

I would LOVE a picture of your lil' cutie hamming it up for the camera in one of my shirts. I would also really love a pic of a toddler reading and/or coloring in the comic book too!
WonderToast Shopping Link (if you haven't bought one yet!)

You can email me digital files at

I would really REALLY appreciate this! I'm not sure when my feature is coming up on Rare Birds, so I'd like pictures ASAP.
Thanks a bazillion!!


Baby Shower Card Design

This is a design I was working on for my baby shower...