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Just got a sweet little mention by the nicest writer - Melissa Taylor - on examiner.com

"Organic onsies featuring world foods from Wonder Toast will make you "ooh" and "aaah."  

Taylor also writes a great blog called Mile High Mamas


Gastronomy on the Cote d'Azur

Since WonderToast is all about culinary adventures, I thought I would post my most memorable food experiences on a recent trip to the south of France.  I don't speak French, so some of our meals were unexpected and delicious, and some I simply don't know the proper names for.  I would recommend trying all of it:

Socca is a tasty street food in Nice (a fried chick pea pancake)
Beignets de Fleur de Courgette (fried zucchini flower)
Stuffed Fleur de Courgette (zucchini flower stuffed with a mix of meat, spices & herbs)
Pan-bagnat (Salade Nicoise Sandwich, meaning lettuce, tomato, tuna, egg, and anchovies in a baguette)
Bagna Caude (garlic and anchovy fondue to dip crisp local veggies in) 
Bouillabaisse (seafood stew served with bread w/ rouille) at Tetou in Golfe Juan
Mixed Platter of Seafood at Cafe du Turin in Nice:
my highlight was the sea snails (to be pulled from their mini-shells with a toothpick...just like I remember from Sicily as a kid)
Gastronomic Dinner at Le Vieux Mur in Antibes:
my highlight was the Gnocchi with Truffles (served with the most generous helping of truffles I've ever seen...like "bite into it" sized truffles!  wow!) and the Lobster Cesar Salad
and of course there was the home-made meal that we were delighted to be invited to:
at our friend Christian's parent's house in Nice, we started with porquetta (an aperitif of thinly sliced pig stuffed with other parts of the pig) and fried chickpea "french fries" made from the same stuff as socca, then he made traditional meat stuffed vegetables - simple and tasty (this might be called Farcis, but I'm not sure)

My Drinks (besides wine, of course):
Picon Beire (I guess this is a "girly" beer cocktail with the orangy-flavored bitters called Picon...a drink I had often)
Kir Royale (raspberry syrup and champagne)
Kir vin Blanc (raspberry syrup and wine)
Martini Rouge (not a Martini at all, but what I was told is a "cooked wine", rather spicy)

I'm getting hungry just listing all this again.  France, I promise to visit you again soon!!


WonderToast hits the runway!

Had a great time at the Hopscotch Hustle benefitting WeeCycle here in Denver today...WonderToast was featured on the runway and the kids did beautifully!