EXCLUSIVE 2007 CALENDAR now available!

Avast, my 2007 calendar is available for sale!! 11" x 17" one-sheet calendar (yes, that means one page) beautifully printed on archival paper is perfect for your favorite scalliwag or land-lubber! Follow this briny band of buccaneers as they celebrate all 12 months in style! Don't worry, terrible visual pirate puns abound (and they're all kid-friendly).

A close up view of December! click on me!
Taking orders NOW!!

$5.00 US Doubloons, plus shipping & handling (mailing tube straight to your door!) Please click on the paypal button below for a safe & secure transaction!

Would you like it signed?
If Yes, to who?

Denver Blizzard 2006

Yes, folks, this is only 2.5 days of snow!

I don't usually post anything but art on my blog, but thought you might be interested to see what the big blizzard looked like from the inside! Yes, your Uncle Bud and sister Rita may be stuck in the airport and probably won't make it out by Christmas, but man...isn't it beautiful?!


(ornament by Ken Mu)



Thanks so much for all your orders, but I'm afraid y'all bought me out! Stay tuned for an exciting and original 2007 calendar which should be ready for sale next week (yeah, it's cutting it close, I know!) but you scalliwags should think its worrrrth the wait! ^_^



For a limited time only, I have Christmas Card sets for sale - original illustrations by me!

$10.00 for a set of 8 cards & envelopes (4 of each design shown here)!

Archival printing on high quality folding cards - folded they measure 5.5" tall, 4.25" wide.

Click on the Paypal button for a secure transaction!

*I've removed the Paypal button since we sold out of cards - thanks everyone!!*


Happy Thanksgiving!


*click on image to enlarge*



Meet Kim Chi. She is WonderToast's best friend. This year she dressed up like a WIND-up doll for Halloween.



(carved pumpkin)

PS. Old dental tools are ideal for perfect pumpkin carving. Have a spooooktacularly creative halloween! ^_^


IF: Ghost!

Barely got this in, but here it is: Illustration Friday's topic GHOST!

(gouche on cold press)


I'm Back!

Yes, after a relatively long interstate moving break, I'm back on the internets. Colorado is beautiful. It has snowed TWICE already...and I find it inspirational! Here is my first painting as a woman unencumbered with an office job. I hope to be posting a lot now as I build up my portfolio for freelance work. Enjoy!

(gouche on cold press)


IF: Farm!

pulling out old work for illustration friday

Click on picture for better view


Mountain High!

My husband and I are moving to Denver, Colorado! We are really excited about the big change and can't wait to get out there. We will have officially moved by the last week of September. Of course we will deeply miss all of our amazing friends here in Los Angeles, but vow to visit often. On a personally exciting note, I will be leaving the animation biz in favor of pursuing my career in illustration! Any advice or leads will be greatly appreciated!



Gouache on paper for Illustration Friday - topic: Play!



Illustration Friday topic: Clean.
Ink on paper, digital wash.


Meltdown Comics

I'm very excited to say that my children's book is now being carried at Meltdown! ^_^

If you've never been there, its just about the coolest store EVER. They've got a great kids section within the main store, where you'll find "The Unordinary Elephant". www.meltcomics.com


Power in Numbers

So the Gallery Nucleus show went very well last Saturday - I think I sold 1 of 3 of my paintings. ^_^ These are them:
Click HERE to purchase Slow & Steady Beats the Cold

Click HERE to purchase All Dressed Up


Gallery Nucleus: Power in Numbers Show

I will have 3 paintings in the new Gallery Nucleus group show called "Power in Numbers". A portion of the profits will benefit the Red Cross. Over 100 artists will be involved, all works being 4"x6" postcard sized, and all selling for $100 each. Please join me on Saturday, June 17 from 7pm to 11pm at the gallery in Alhambra, CA.

Here is a teaser bit from one of the paintings I am contributing. It's called "Headache" and is gouache on canvas.



Illustration Friday topic: CAKE ... watercolor & ink on paper


Blog Facelift & New Watercolor

As you can see, I've been trying to give my blog a bit of a facelift. I managed to get a WonderToast banner up, but I'm still working out some html kinks. I have merely the most basic of programming skills, and not much time to fix the bugs, so let me know if you see anything weird. Thanks!

Otherwise, I'm still working on my watercolor technique. Below you can see my latest attempt. I've been experimenting not only in mediums, but in subject matter as well. I never do portraits, but here is my handsome hubby. Mike, I hope you don't think you look too retarded! ^_^

If you click on the painting to enlarge, it looks a bit better.


New Store Up!

So I have filled out my Cafe Press store to include even more fun products bearing my designs! Please check it out! Also let me know if there are any designs you'd like to see on more products, or new designs you want me to add. You can always get there by clicking the Cafe Press logo to the right of my blog page.

As you can see...since the hotdog design didn't take on threadless, I made my own!


IF: Under the Sea 2

In my continued experiment with watercolor, here are two more pieces. The top one is my second submission for Illustration Friday. It's a very very old picture of my sister in our grandmother's pool. It's a work-in-progress. When it is done, I'll post the final result.

The second one was more of a color-study for a drawing I was planning on painting in guache. I kinda like the looseness I got from trying it in watercolor.


IF: Under the Sea

When Fred asked Herman to help him move, Herman forgot to ask where to...


Polar Bear

My friend at work asked me to be a part of his 10 year anniversary gift to his husband - the idea was to ask a number of artists to draw/paint/sketch/etc. a polar bear and hummingbird. With the amount of talent at this studio, the project turned out beautifully, and I rather like the way my painting turned out too! It is 12"x12", acrylic on canvas. As usual, the digital representation doesn't look as nice as the original, but you get the idea. Thanks, Ken, for inviting me to be a part of this!


IF: Spotted

A quicky for Illustration Friday's topic: Spotted.


My Hawaiian Paradise

Sorry for the break in blogging, but I was lucky enough to get to spend a second honeymoon with my wonderful husband in Maui last week. Sitting by the pool by the ocean, I sketched some flowers (Tropical Hibiscus, I think). I also brought my watercolors with me and actually attempted to use them! I haven't used watercolor in about 15 years and have frankly been afraid to pick them back up again. I'm such an acrylic/guache kinda gal that I don't think this worked out very well. Have any advice?? I'd love to get some feedback and try to improve.


Howan Hwan

My friends Rikako and Heisuke live in Tokyo with their kitty who looks like a panda bear. They named him Howan-howan because it sounds like "panda". I tried to have some fun with illustrator and designed this for the kitty. The web-safe colors didn't turn out as nice as the original color, but oh well....


Vote for My shirt!!

I converted an old painting of mine into a t-shirt design and submitted it to threadless.com. People vote on the t-shirt submissions and the popular ones get made into shirts for sale on their website. Please click on the image below and vote for me!!! I'd love to see this one get made. Click on the icon below to take you to voting:
My Threadless.com Submission



Illustration Friday - MONSTER

I was at the airport over the weekend and couldn't help but draw this lovely monster: she was waiting for her flight in the most hideous pink outfit with a great big purse with an embroidered dog on it. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

I drew a more traditional monster too. His name is Stan, and he likes to play with fish. This time he played a bit too rough though.


Illustration Friday: FEET!

This is my first official entry to Illustration Friday. The topic is FEET, so here is Baby Big Foot learning to put on his Big Socks.

Sweet Haverchuck

This is my imaginary dog, Haverchuck. He is a Boston Terrier! We can't, in good conscience, have a dog in the city, so I just have to be happy with this for now...oh, and sorry for all the eraser dust!



So my main focus right now is the retail sale of the children's book that I illustrated and self-published, The Unordinary Elephant. This is the hard part about self-publishing when you're not a born sales person. I'm on amazon.com, of course, and Gallery Nucleus is carrying them (and selling really well). I love Gallery Nucleus - what a cool store and gallery space. Everyone in the area should visit this Saturday night for their Unicorn Gallery. I'm not in this show, but I will have some paintings there in the show in June.

Anyway, I just sold to store # 2 today! 8 Ball in Burbank is carrying my book in their cute little children's section. Weeee! The store is really cool and the owner is planning on builing up a gallery space in the back there too.

The book is really unusual because it's in Japanese and English (my friend in Tokyo wrote it). If you know of any appropriate stores, have any connections, or are an interested retailer, please let me know!!


Veronica Mars Doodle

Over the weekend I was doodling and found myself drawing Veronica Mars. Stupid little drawing, but the show is awesome!

Mom's OM-topus

So my little sister wants to get my mom a tattoo for my mom's birthday! Of course the tricky part is getting my mom to actually do it. Gina wants her to get an om - I'm not much of a yoga person, but I guess it's sanscrit and all meditatey or something. Since mom loves octopi, this is my OM-topus design for her new tattoo. If she gets it, I'll post the final picture....haha, I'm not holding my breath.