So my main focus right now is the retail sale of the children's book that I illustrated and self-published, The Unordinary Elephant. This is the hard part about self-publishing when you're not a born sales person. I'm on amazon.com, of course, and Gallery Nucleus is carrying them (and selling really well). I love Gallery Nucleus - what a cool store and gallery space. Everyone in the area should visit this Saturday night for their Unicorn Gallery. I'm not in this show, but I will have some paintings there in the show in June.

Anyway, I just sold to store # 2 today! 8 Ball in Burbank is carrying my book in their cute little children's section. Weeee! The store is really cool and the owner is planning on builing up a gallery space in the back there too.

The book is really unusual because it's in Japanese and English (my friend in Tokyo wrote it). If you know of any appropriate stores, have any connections, or are an interested retailer, please let me know!!


Heather_Chavez said...

Congrats on getting your book out there. It's realy cute. I hope you sell many many copies

Boogervampire said...

Wow! That's super CUTE!! Maybe you could try contacting Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. I was lucky enough to show in their gallery once and they were really nice people. Maybe they could hook you up.

ren said...

hey anna, i was in 8ball and i saw your book and have been meaning to contact you ever since. it looks like you are doing ok. all the art looks great. and um...having a blog is kind of nerdy but...i have one too. it did start out with more art but...well. you know.

anyway, i just wanted to say hey (you do know me, i'm the one married to james bates...)