Illustration Friday topic: CAKE ... watercolor & ink on paper


Blog Facelift & New Watercolor

As you can see, I've been trying to give my blog a bit of a facelift. I managed to get a WonderToast banner up, but I'm still working out some html kinks. I have merely the most basic of programming skills, and not much time to fix the bugs, so let me know if you see anything weird. Thanks!

Otherwise, I'm still working on my watercolor technique. Below you can see my latest attempt. I've been experimenting not only in mediums, but in subject matter as well. I never do portraits, but here is my handsome hubby. Mike, I hope you don't think you look too retarded! ^_^

If you click on the painting to enlarge, it looks a bit better.


New Store Up!

So I have filled out my Cafe Press store to include even more fun products bearing my designs! Please check it out! Also let me know if there are any designs you'd like to see on more products, or new designs you want me to add. You can always get there by clicking the Cafe Press logo to the right of my blog page.

As you can see...since the hotdog design didn't take on threadless, I made my own!


IF: Under the Sea 2

In my continued experiment with watercolor, here are two more pieces. The top one is my second submission for Illustration Friday. It's a very very old picture of my sister in our grandmother's pool. It's a work-in-progress. When it is done, I'll post the final result.

The second one was more of a color-study for a drawing I was planning on painting in guache. I kinda like the looseness I got from trying it in watercolor.


IF: Under the Sea

When Fred asked Herman to help him move, Herman forgot to ask where to...