Polar Bear

My friend at work asked me to be a part of his 10 year anniversary gift to his husband - the idea was to ask a number of artists to draw/paint/sketch/etc. a polar bear and hummingbird. With the amount of talent at this studio, the project turned out beautifully, and I rather like the way my painting turned out too! It is 12"x12", acrylic on canvas. As usual, the digital representation doesn't look as nice as the original, but you get the idea. Thanks, Ken, for inviting me to be a part of this!


IF: Spotted

A quicky for Illustration Friday's topic: Spotted.


My Hawaiian Paradise

Sorry for the break in blogging, but I was lucky enough to get to spend a second honeymoon with my wonderful husband in Maui last week. Sitting by the pool by the ocean, I sketched some flowers (Tropical Hibiscus, I think). I also brought my watercolors with me and actually attempted to use them! I haven't used watercolor in about 15 years and have frankly been afraid to pick them back up again. I'm such an acrylic/guache kinda gal that I don't think this worked out very well. Have any advice?? I'd love to get some feedback and try to improve.


Howan Hwan

My friends Rikako and Heisuke live in Tokyo with their kitty who looks like a panda bear. They named him Howan-howan because it sounds like "panda". I tried to have some fun with illustrator and designed this for the kitty. The web-safe colors didn't turn out as nice as the original color, but oh well....


Vote for My shirt!!

I converted an old painting of mine into a t-shirt design and submitted it to threadless.com. People vote on the t-shirt submissions and the popular ones get made into shirts for sale on their website. Please click on the image below and vote for me!!! I'd love to see this one get made. Click on the icon below to take you to voting:
My Threadless.com Submission