My Hawaiian Paradise

Sorry for the break in blogging, but I was lucky enough to get to spend a second honeymoon with my wonderful husband in Maui last week. Sitting by the pool by the ocean, I sketched some flowers (Tropical Hibiscus, I think). I also brought my watercolors with me and actually attempted to use them! I haven't used watercolor in about 15 years and have frankly been afraid to pick them back up again. I'm such an acrylic/guache kinda gal that I don't think this worked out very well. Have any advice?? I'd love to get some feedback and try to improve.


Chris said...

watercolors always imbuied me with much hatred in school. I have no advice but I do like the painting.

Lauren said...

Anna this is beautiful! Did you paint any other flowers on your trip? I've never been to Hawaii...hopefully someday :)