Batman Grilled Cheese Lunch

My 4 year old (3 at the time) is obsessed with superheroes (just like his mama) and he requested a lunch to match his Pottery Barn lunchbox.  I obliged with this:
Batman Lunch
This is a grilled cheese.  I started by trying to hand cut out the bat signal from the top slice of bread so that the cheese would show through.  This was not successful, as dark rye is a little too soft to manage a distinct shape with a paring knife.  Pre-sliced cheese IS, however, a fantastic medium for food pictures, as I have since discovered.  So with this one, I made the grilled cheese as normal, then added a bat signal cheese to the top.  My sandwich was not yet cooled completely, so it began to melt a bit (hence the translucency)  Also, note that when including grilled cheese to a lunchbox, always let it cool first, otherwise you get condensation and soggy bread.

I have since seen similar ideas online using Halloween Bat cookie cutters.  I, personally, rarely use cookie cutters, except for my FAVORITE little star one, and occasionally some others.  I really like to hand cut shapes myself.

I would think that if you grill an open-faced grilled cheese, then toast the top bread separately, and cookie cut from the toast, you may get that "window" into the sandwich I was trying to do at first.  I don't know, I never went back and tried that technique, but maybe you can tell me if you have!

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