Healthy Elmo Preschool Snacks

It was my turn to bring snacks to my 1 year old's preschool class.  The room-mom had a great idea to have snack sign-ups so that the kids could eat FRESH snacks rather than months-old vats of goldfish every day.  When my turn came, I made these:

Fruit & Cheese Elmo Snack Cups
   **They are in *foil* cupcake cups (important not to use paper since they will soak through) 
Cut strawberries and pile in to make a base for Elmo face (skin side UP for vibrant color)
Half a Cutie (orange) wedge for nose
String Cheese sliced into rounds for eyes
Raisin bits inserted into holes in cheese, dug out with toothpick & jammed in

I transported them to school in the baking pan so they wouldn't slide around and lose their faces. Top with cling wrap, and they transport very easily.

Although I made these for snack, they are a fantastic & fun HEALTHY alternative to actual cupcakes for birthday celebrations too!  The kids were thrilled to eat!

I may do this again with blueberries to make Grover or Cookie Monster next time.

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